School assembly programs play a very important role in the education
process. As one principle of 18 years stated, "Full school assembly
programs are a celebrative experience. Anytime you have the entire
student body in the gym at one it time creates a high-energy atmosphere.
The students are very excited, not just being out of class, but they are
very excited with anticipation as to what is so important that they all
be brought together at one time. School assembly programs take kids
out the day-to-day routine and place them in a highly charged
environment. Then, as long as the school assembly program has
excellent entertainment value combined with a message that is relevant
to the lives of the students, the school assembly program has played a role
in reinforcing what is being taught in the classroom and hopefully in the
students' homes."

The executive director of the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals,
Archie McAfee, was at one time the principal of the largest high school in the state of Texas
with a student body of over 5000. He stated, "When I was a principal, I had at least one or two school
assembly programs per semester. I would bring in guys like Commandos USA! to inspire
my students to look years down the road as to where they want to be to encourage
academic excellence and to reaffirm our character education curriculum. The school
assembly programs that I brought to my campus would also encourage a value system
that kept them away from drugs and alcohol, thereby reaffirming our substance abuse
curriculum. I would have teachers say to me, 'I wish he would not take the students out of
the classroom for one more thing.' I would respond by saying "I may be taking your students
out of the classroom, but make no doubt about it, the time they spend in a school assembly
program will return a more efficient learner to the classroom."

At a National Association of Secondary School Principals Convention, I once asked a principal
as he was passing by our exhibit booth, "Excuse me, do you do school assembly programs at
your school?" he responded by saying, "Of course, all principals, excuse me, well, all good
principals do school assembly programs." I asked the principal why he said that. He responded, "School assembly programs are not taking students out of the classroom; they are merely an
extension of the classroom to provide a solid reinforcement to what is being taught. Any principal
that thinks the only way learning can be achieved is through rudimentary drill in the
classroom, is being short-sighted. School assembly programs are a much needed, positive
affirmation that reinforce what the teachers are teaching is in fact the truth. School assembly programs should definitely be a part of your curriculum every year."

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     Why are school assembly programs important?