Dear Principal:
Contrary to popular opinion, America does not have a gun problem,
drug problem, violence problem, teenage pregnancy problem, or
even a school dropout problem. America has a CHARACTER problem.

As long as we continue to treat the symptoms and not the root cause,
we will never keep up with crime, drugs, and other forms of
moral failure.

Commandos! USA has presented our "Making Of A Champion" in
over 4000 public schools throughout the United States. Our message
is designed to provoke students to reflect upon their current values
and make an honest assessment of where they are in their development
as a citizen, a student, and a person.

"Hard work and effort may get you to the top, but it's your character that will keep you there."
Top educators have positively endorsed our presentation at assemblies, conferences
and seminars.

If you need an assembly program with a real message, you will hit the mark
with Commandos! USA.