As an ordained minister, former business owner, police officer, and
competitive athlete; the founder and chairman of Commandos! USA,
Billy understands that excellence in character is a necessary attribute
to achieve success in this world. "God has given us all a unique
destiny, however, we achieve that destiny by the choices that we
make. We create our own circumstance all too often. When things
happen in our life totally beyond our control, we must keep our values
in check and maintain our hope." Billy's perception on life comes
through the filter of both his victories and failures. Having spoke in
thousands of venues that include schools, universities, corporations,
churches, prisons and other community events
throughout North, South and Central America,
he has a deep understanding of human
achievement and has a great ability to motivate
and inspire others to "go for the gold."

Billy has a very strong belief that Biblical
values are not suggestions, rather solid
mandates that assure some degree of civility
and success in our culture. "These are the
values that our founding fathers put in place
that has allowed the United States Of America
to be the symbol of freedom throughout
the world.

His physical accomplishments include winning
the Silver Medal at the Texas State Olympic
Weightlifting Championships. He bench
presses 480 pounds, squats and dead lifts over
600 pounds and can arm curl 225 pounds for twenty reps! In a performance, one may see
Billy rappel out of the rafters, break over three and a half feet of concrete, roll up a frying pan "like a burrito" or pick up an automobile. He has ripped nearly 5,000 telephone books in half. and has crushed a 10 foot wall of ice with one mighty forearm smash!