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     What is the best way to conduct a school assembly program? I am
asked this question frequently by principals. Many principals get very
nervous when you mention "school assembly program" because the
idea of having all of the student body in one area at the same time is
pretty scary. Well, I guess it can be a very scary concept unless you have
a very solid plan in place. Our suggestions are simple. Communicate to the
students, before the assembly program, what is expected of them. Then,
once they are in the gymnasium or auditorium, communicate the
expectations to them again since their short-term memory may have all but
abandoned them with the excitement! After that, leave the rest to the
Commandos because we have a great deal of experience with crowd
control. We capture the students’ attention and never let it go, keeping them
fully engaged throughout the program.

Ideally, a gymnasium is the best place to hold our school assembly for a couple reasons. First, it usually holds the most people. Second, it sets the tone and affords the students the proper environment for a high energy, fully involved experience. School theatres or auditoriums lend themselves to a more relaxed environment. Gymnasiums or multi-purpose rooms tend to evoke more energy.

In most of our school assembly programs, we request that all students sit on the same side of the gym. This is the BEST configuration so that the speaker never has to have his back to the audience. Sitting students shoulder to shoulder with their feet on the bleacher "floor" and not on the bleacher seat in front of them allows for the most efficient use of the bleachers. If this is simply not possible due to the size of the audience, we can work with a double-sided configuration as well.

What if my student body is just too large to fit on one side of the gym, even shoulder to

In any school assembly, no matter how large the student body population, it is imperative that the presenter be a true, professional speaker or presenter. Today’s students are savvy and can spot mediocrity a mile away. A professional speaker or presenter will have a polished presentation and repetition is what creates this polish. Commandos! USA presents approximately 200 times per year, thus allowing us to continually sharpen our edge, polish our act, and perfect our delivery. Character development and motivational speaking are our profession and we take great pride in doing the absolute best job we can!

Sound Advice

When Commandos! USA began conducting elementary and secondary school assembly programs in 1989, a member of our advisory board, who had extensive working knowledge in the audio and video production industry, made one simple comment that still holds true. He said, "music creates emotion; emotion creates thoughts; thoughts can become our behavior."

It was with this great advice that Commandos! USA purchased our first sound system. We knew that even with a powerful, relevant message, our efforts to inspire and educate would fall short if it could not be heard clearly by the audience. We wanted to be sure that our background music was clear and powerful and that the message could be understood clearly.

In all of our elementary and secondary school assembly programs, Commandos! USA utilizes a pair of Renkus Heinz professional speakers that cost over $7, 000. We push 4000 watts of power through the speakers with all music tracks being of digital quality. We utilize professional grade headset microphones so as to free our hands to perform. When the students are walking into our program, they are surrounded by upbeat music that positively stirs their emotions and prepares them to receive our message.

If you need an assembly program with a real message, you will hit the mark with
Commandos! USA.
     What is the best way to set up a school assembly program?