Dear Administrator:

Teachers today have as tough a job as police officers, nurses and
salesmen. They must be continually on the cutting edge of their
profession. They must deal with behavior issues sometimes involving
both the student and the parents. They must continually be
motivating their students to perform to the utmost of their ability,
then pull out a little more.

Nothing will motivate and stimulate your staff like a Commando
Rally. We have been told we provide a very "fresh approach" to
routine training seminars and conventions. Your staff deserves to be
"supercharged" before they return to the trenches.

When one realizes that "the servant cannot be better than the master," it will promote a
paradigm change. A change that will propel your staff to "Raise their OWN standard before they insist that their students raise theirs. Schedule Commandos! USA for your next
In-Service Days. You will not be disappointed!


Billy Lowery