To Whom It May Concern:

Over the last 20 years, as a pastor, in the Houston area, I have had
many opportunities to observe organizations built around mentoring
and motivation.

Many have believed themselves to be unique. Indeed, some have
been, but most have not. The Commandos! USA and their leader,
Billy Lowery, are a breath of fresh air. They truly desire to serve
those who invite them to speak and perform. They treat every
opportunity as a special assignment, and give themselves to the
intent and needs of the sponsoring school, church, etc. They even
change lives by helping those attending gain a fresh look at society,
country, truth, faith and future.

The response from young people of all ages is remarkable. I am convinced that their
influence is not only positive, but lasting! In a time when few are paying the price to fill the
need as role models, Commandos! USA has stepped up to the plate.

You will not be left with the feeling that your church is just somewhere for
Commandos! USA to go. You will find they leave as friends. You hope that they will not
only come again for an organized activity, but will just drop by to see you, or call when
they are in town.

As the ministry team's pastor for the last five years, I can recommend Commandos! USA
to you on two levels. First, their ministry is solid and enjoyable. Second, their lives exhibit
love and integrity. What you hear them say "on stage," is what they live "off stage."

In HIS Service,

Gary Kerr
Senior Pastor
Faith West Church