It is my privilege to recommend Billy Lowery and his exceptional
ministry to pastors, school leaders and other persons interested in
reaching young people with an effective and interesting program.
Billy and the Commandos USA team are uniquely gifted to capture the
attention of both youth and adults with a powerful message of hope
and encouragement. I have called on Billy and his co-ministers on more
than one occasion and have always been grateful for the positive results
of his work in our church.

One of the key reasons for Billy's effectiveness is his integrity.
He works closely with the pastor and staff members in the church,
always eager to leave the membership with a sense of gratitude for
having had him and his team in the church. School Administrators
have said the same thing about Billy and his team.

Commandos USA has traveled to many countries, speaking and performing in churches, schools,
public arenas, town squares and wherever they have the chance to give a positive witness for
Jesus Christ. This broad experience has added to the richness and maturity of Lowery and his

Prayerfully consider having Billy and his team speak to your church. you will be glad you did.

Charles J Wisdom
Pastor Emeritus
First Baptist Church of Katy, TX